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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a safe and secure supervised home environment for our residents where they will be treated with a level of respect and dignity they will find nowhere else. We offer supervised support services to our residents by teaching life skills, ensuring timely medications, encourage
healthy physical activity and providing good appetizing home cooked meals. Our objective is to enable them to achieve a higher quality of life for themselves.

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• Leadership grounded in healthcare experience and knowledge. Together our top leadership has over 110 years experience in the healthcare industry.
• Our leadership and our employees have an overwhelming compassion for the people that we support. Hence our corporate motto, “Come Home….Join Our Family”
• Commitment to get supported individuals, our residents, to a level of independence and high functioning so that they can not only feel like but actually become productive members of society.
• Commitment to facility management. We employ a whole team of facility managers and we have instituted a work order system to keep track of all repairs in order to keep our homes in good shape.
• We provide health, dental, vision and life insurance to our staff. Something most of the small companies in our industry don’t do.
• We recognize staff frequently for their contributions to the betterment of our company and the well being of our residents.

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About Us

Established in 2001, MSHN Enterprises is a supervised group home setting for individuals enduring severe and persistent mental illness. We provide therapeutic psycho-social rehabilitation groups, community outings, medication management. MSHN also offers enhanced and medically fragile housing services to those individuals who have complex behavioral issues and/or medical issues in addition to mental illness. These services include treatment and nursing and/or physician professionals. We are not just a group home, we are a full service supportive living program.

​Our supportive living facilities are homes that are staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  We provide constant support and supervision for individuals who are 18 years or older who have special needs related to their severe and persistent mental illness. We also provide psychiatric and medical/nursing services for those individuals who have more complex behavioral issues and/or special medical problems. Our team includes Executive Director, who oversee the total operations of their home, and supervise the direct care staff trained to understand and deal with the daily issues and needs of our individuals.  There are additional higher levels of oversight and supervision, as well as other specialized staff providing medical, psychiatric and nursing oversight. One of our most important services is consistent continual medication oversight. We emphasize to the individuals served, how important it is that they take their medications regularly in order to maximize their mental health. Our services include weekly psychosocial rehabilitation, skills training, and supervised outings into the community.  Our goal is to establish a therapeutic environment in which the individuals for whom we provide care, will develop skills that foster independence and support long term recovery and reintegration into the community.