Our Services

Our Mission is to provide the best support to Medicaid eligible individuals with persistant mental illness. We provide quality, supervised, residential housing at all levels of need in a recovery environment that is safe, secure, and supportive. Our objective is to enable them to have the best quality of life within our community residence.

We encourage and reward good

Our residents love this program!!! The Token Economy is a
rewards based system that recognize good behavior, doing chores around the home, taking medication, and other various events that occur in or outside the home. The reward for the token economy is our MidSouthNet Bucks, which residents can use at our Pop-Up Shop. The Pop-up Shop is a shopping experience designed for our residents. The Shop is non-profit with about most of the merchandise being donated. Among the items available for our residents to shop, clothing, shoes, toiletries, games, baked goods and other snacks. Our employees created, developed and actively support this program for our residents. We are so proud of our employees’ creativity and commitment to our resident family. The Pop-up Shop has become a vital asset to encouraging our resident’s progress. This program expands the purchasing power of our residents’ limited funds.

Do you worry about if your
loved one is eating regularly
or what they may be eating?

 We provide delicious home cooked meals consistently 3 times a day along with 3 snacks a day. Our dietary staff are committed to providing a good quality diet for each of our residents. Let’s face it, good food for our residents gives them a better chance of improving their health physically and mentally.

Do you wonder if your loved  one is taking their medicine?
Do you worry if they are safe?

We offer safe and secure homes for our residents. Our residents are in safe hands and out of harm’s way. We staff our homes 24/7 with caring associates that ensure our residents enjoy their home and have their correct
dosage of medications made available as scheduled on a
consistent basis. The self-administration of medications is
overseen by registered nurses to assure safety and compliance.

Want a plan to improve?

Each of our residents has a customized plan developed in collaboration with their case manager, the resident and MSHN staff design to help meet the specific needs of the resident. We plan activities that enable each individual to
improve their skills. Such things as bowling, gardening,
exercise, outings to Sun Studios, the zoo and other local
attractions. Our Psychosocial Rehab groups deal with anger management, conflict resolutions, understanding
medication therapy and so much more. MSHN provides
much more than just housing. We take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of each resident.

How much does this cost?

Not only do we have reasonable rental rates, we also have staff that will assist you to ensure your loved one is able to maximize any governmental assistance that is available for them such as SSI, food stamps and TennCare. We want the best for your loved one and will do whatever we can to come along side you and help. 

What about doctor visits?

MSHN will schedule and transport residents to

Daily Living

MHSN staff provides daily education, training, and practical  application in the following:
• Personal hygiene
• Nutrition
• Exercise
• Personal finance management
• Socialization in small and large g roup settings
• Family integration skills
• Medication management
• Community in teraction
• Cessation education and suppo rt
• Addiction counseling
• Behavioral skills
• Developing personal interests
• Furthering educational in terests
•Fostering Friendships
• Illness Management & Recovery
• Basic computer skills
• Email set up

We plan several group outings throughout the week to provide 20 hours or more of pyschosocial rehabilitation training per week.