MSHN Levels of Care

At MSHN we offer four levels of care for our residents with serious and/or persistent mental illness; Adult Residential Treatment Facilities, Enhanced Supportive Housing, Medically Fragile Enhanced Supportive Housing and Supportive Housing. Regardless of the level of care our homes are staffed with professional and caring individuals committed to providing the support needed to aid our residents in returning to their community with the skills needed to live a more productive and meaningful life. All homes provide 24-hour awake staff 7 days a week
Adult Residential Treatment Facilities 
The focus of the program may be on short-term crisis stabilization or on long-term rehabilitation. Residential treatment offers high-quality mental health care within a structured, homelike setting that contributes to healing and a sense of community. Families will know that their loved one is in a safe and caring environment, getting the treatment he or she needs. In these homes residents learn to take responsibility for their own behavior and how it affects others

Enhanced Supportive Housing  
These homes provide a treatment and rehabilitation component less intensive than required in a Residential Treatment Facility. Coordinated and structured services are provided for our that include personal care services, training in community living skills, vocational skills, and/or socialization.  
Medically Fragile Enhanced Supportive Housing 
These homes provide the same professional care as the Enhanced level of care but can meet the needs of residents with more complex medical issues in addition to mental illness.  

Supportive Housing 

In these homes we provide therapeutic psycho-social rehabilitation groups, community outings, medication management, as well as individual therapy to those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.  

• Leadership grounded in healthcare experience and knowledge. Together our top leadership has over 110 years experience in the healthcare industry.
• Our leadership and our employees have an overwhelming compassion for the people that we support. Hence our corporate motto, “Come Home….Join Our Family”
• Commitment to get supported individuals, our residents, to a level of independence and high functioning so that they can not only feel like but actually become productive members of society.
• Commitment to facility management. We employ a whole team of facility managers and we have instituted a work order system to keep track of all repairs in order to keep our homes in good shape.
• We provide health, dental, vision and life insurance to our staff. Something most of the small companies in our industry don’t do.
• We recognize staff frequently for their contributions to the betterment of our company and the well being of our residents.
  1. Title 15
  2. Title 16
  3. Title 4
  4. Title 4
• We have implemented and are continuing to expand an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for use with keeping up with resident records. This allows us to be able to be more efficient, while giving us a level of security over our residents healthcare information that many small companies do not possess.
• We have a Director of Quality Management that oversees everything from Incident Management to policy and procedures to compliance with the state department of licensure, the managed care organizations and the mental health agencies.
• We have a Chief Nursing Officer who oversees a staff of over 10 LPN’s and RN’s.
• We have accumulated a fleet of vehicles that allows us to ensure that all of our residents have safe transportation to all medical and mental health appointments. This includes handicapped transportation where needed. This also gives us the opportunity to take our residents on outings up to 7 days a week.
• Our Director of Recreation and Resident Development that guides a team of more than 10 Activity Directors that help fill the residents’ days with psychosocial rehabilitation, trips to museums, movie nights, trips to the movie theater, lunches in the park, etc.
• We invest in our employees by offering a very informative initial training program as well as continued training on an ongoing basis.